We are dedicated to spreading our knowledge to next generations.

The sum of knowledge and competence of the research and industrial organizations participating in FunMat-II is very high, and significant new knowledge will further be gained within the center. Spreading this information within the center, as well as sharing our expertise with external universities and industries, will strengthen the competitiveness in Swedish industries.

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Swedish industry is in continuous need of staff with relevant education in materials science. We address the question on how the ratio of high school students, especially females, continuing with science and technology studies at universities could be increased. Graduating more students with a materials science education requires both more students that enter the university education, and also study curriculums designed to ensure good knowledge in materials science. Thus, active work must be done to inspire more young people to proceed to the university, and to adapt educational methods to decrease the step between secondary high school and university. In addition, the course curriculum at university level can be adapted to the requirements of material science knowledge within Swedish industry.

In FunMat-II we have designed a program where high school students yearly interact with people from the university to raise the interest for higher education. Also, high school teachers are trained further in material science. In addition, the gap between industrial needs and course curriculum within material science is identified to develop new material science courses. We also arrange 2-3 open seminars yearly with speakers from the centre as well as invited experts. The seminars can either be directed towards a broader audience or focusing on cutting edge research for university staff and high technology industries. 

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